Gain Maximum Lose Minimum With The Reverse Martingale

We all know that the balance of the universe is maintained through the dynamism of opposites. If there is light, then there is darkness; if there is sound, there is silence; for yin there is yang, and so on and so forth. We can say that the same holds true for roulette as well. The popular casino game is, interestingly, held together by opposite strategies. This only makes the game that much exciting.

The Reverse Martingale

Continuing with the theme of opposites, if there is a Martingale Strategy, then there has to be a reverse of that, as well.

To quickly refresh your memory, the Martingale originated in 18th century France as a negative progression strategy, where the gambler doubles his bet after he goes on a losing streak. The all or nothing move gives the player a chance to make up for his losses. We talked about this strategy in one of our earlier blogs.

Now, let’s look at the reverse or the anti-Martingale.

We all know that roulette is a game of chance, of intuitive guessing. If it is your lucky day, you can walk away with big wins. But if Lady Luck deserts your side, then all you can do is watch your coins disappear from the table. This is where the Reverse Martingale can come in handy.

Imagine you are at a high-rolling roulette table. A bevy of beauties have their eyes on you, but you just keep rolling up the wrong colour on the spinning table. You feel like quitting, but at the same time you want to stay a little longer, at least for the sake of the eye candy around the table.

You decide to adopt a defensive approach. You begin to lower your bets on each round. The luck does not change immediately, but you hang on. And then it happens. You get lucky with one round, then with another. Soon you are on a hot streak. You now discard your defensive approach and begin to double your bets. The wins continue to come your way, and the ladies, too, join your side.

This is the Reverse Martingale strategy.

Safety First

Where the Martingale enables you to go big and bold with your bets, the reverse strategy requires you to exercise a bit of caution for your own good. So, you cut your losses, stand your ground, and wait for things to get better. And when they do, you go big with your bets.

Also known as Paroli, in roulette lingo, this particular strategy is seen as a positive progression. Our roulette experts feel that it a good plan to use when you are looking to play the game using a safe and practical approach.

Just to clarify, the Martingale and the Reverse Martingale require you to keep betting on one colour repeatedly. The principle behind this is that sooner or later that particular colour will appear on the spinning wheel with more frequency. Keeping this is in mind, there are a few tips you can use to get the maximum out of this strategy.

Maximizing The Reverse

Here are a couple of expert moves you can use:

  • Watch Before You Leap

Before you use this strategy, we advise you to observe the ebb and flow of the roulette wheel. Watch the frequency of the colours. If black has been winning of late, don’t bet on red.

  • Take A Loss In Your Stride

No strategy guarantees 100% wins, and it is the same with the Reverse Martingale. You will have a loss or two along the way before you decide to walk away. Take it in your stride.

Go All Out With The Martingale Strategy

Imagine yourself as a rich aristocrat in 18th century France, on a night out with your social circle at a luxurious villa. The wine is flowing freely and so are the assorted treats. Everyone’s indulging in a round of gambling. As one round follows another, you realize that luck has deserted you. The pile of coins you had on the table for bets has been reduced by half.

With nothing going your way, you decide enough is enough. For the next round, you double your bet. All eyes are on you. The dice rolls, its sound cutting through the silent tension in the room. You cross your fingers. The dice stops rolling. No one can believe it, and neither can you. Luck has finally smiled upon you. You have won the round.

In a single move, you have doubled your winnings. This, in short, is known as the Martingale Strategy.

A Strategy As Old As Time Itself

There’s a reason why we set up the beginning of this blog in 18th century France. That is when the Martingale Strategy is said to have first originated. Although we cannot say for sure that a guy named Martingale invented it, the strategy probably was born in the gambling dens of France. During those days, the gamblers would bet on the head or tail of a coin. This offered them a 50-50 chance of winning.

All Or Nothing

You will be hard pressed to find an easier or simpler strategy that can be used in roulette. The only pre-requisite is that you need to be on a losing streak, or must have lost the previous round of betting for this strategy to be considered. All that you need to do is double your bet and choose either red or black. One win can help recover the losses you have suffered so far. This is one reason why this move is particularly popular with roulette players all over the world. We think it is an all or nothing kind of strategy. Perfect for times when your back is up against the wall, luck has deserted you, and you have nothing left to lose.

Luck And Courage

If there was ever a strategy that requires much courage and a bit of luck going your way, then it is the Martingale Strategy. If you are looking for a move that requires analytical thinking, smart planning, and clever execution, then this strategy is not for you.

Come to ‘think’ of it, there isn’t much to think when working with the Martingale strategy. What you require is a gut instinct to bet on red or black. Then all you can do is close your eyes, say a small prayer, and wish upon your lucky star that the roulette rolls your way.

A Drawback

We love the Martingale Strategy for its simplicity and its old world charm, but there is a slight drawback with this move. The thing with roulette is that you have more than two colours to contend with, which reduces your odds from an even 50-50 chance to win.


Bonus Poker Strategy Is A Real Bonus

What if we were to tell you that there is a strategy in video poker that rewards bonus upon bonus to the player. You may believe us and give it a try. Now, what if we were to tell you that the same strategy that awards more bonuses does not require high card combinations; that you could have a winning hand with low numbers such as 2, 3, 4, and 5? You will probably think we are bluffing and tell us to go fool someone else.

The fact is, we are not bluffing.

Bonus Poker Strategy

This is why we love video poker. This version of the ever popular table-based game throws up one delightful possibility after another. And the best part is that they all help you beat the house odds and win big. The same is true with the Bonus Poker strategy. We have rarely encountered a singular strategy that allows for as wide a variety of wins, even when the hands contain low combinations.

There are some experts and certain poker enthusiasts who do not consider this strategy to be a high priority on their list. In fact, most of them try to avoid Bonus Poker in favour of other strategies. One reason why this plan gets a step-motherly treatment is because the payouts for the highest hand combinations such as the Full House or Flush are a bit low compared to the other strategies.

We don’t think of this as a negative. On the contrary, we encourage our readers to try out Bonus Poker because it significantly increases their chances of a win. The higher hands are, anyway, much harder to hit.

Tips And Techniques

Our poker experts have compiled a list of tips and techniques that will help you maximize the Bonus Poker strategy. They include:

  • Do Not Discard Low Hands

Most experts suggest players ditch the lower numbers for a higher hand. Not in the case of Bonus Poker. And that is one reason why we simply love it. Hold on to your 2, 3, 4, and 5s. If you get four of them, you stand to win a 40 to 1 payout on your bet.

  • Aim For Higher With A Pair

If you are dealt a pair, then the next move should be to discard the other three cards. Try and maneuver for another pair.

  • Hold On To A High Card

When you have a single high card, hold onto it and discard the other four cards.